our story 

I get asked all of the time how did Rainbow's End Start? If you ask my mom she would say that I was born to be my own boss. I grew up in I guess what you would call the "fashion" world. Probably not what you think of when I say the word "fashion"...but I did start designing and sewing my own clothes at a young age. I knew my sense of style was a little different growing up and I knew one day I would use that unique flare for something different to my advantage. 

After years of teaching I decided to take the leap of faith and create Rainbow's End. From the beginning I wanted to offer something different, something that would spark that inner creativity in all customers who walked in the door. I began to travel the world, designing my own clothing and jewelry lines from Bali, Thailand and South America. I traveled to remote places to pick the unusual, the exotic and love extending those finds to my customers. 

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It has been 19 years of business. I married Tim and became a mom of 2 boys. Along with my boutique, I have expanded my interests and even became a marathon runner. I am dedicated to my community and love everything LOCAL. I volunteer as much as I can and try to make a difference and leave this world a little brighter. 

-Miranda Sweet 

Flagstaff’s best ladies clothing store and boutique! Nothing compares to the quality of service and the beautiful items Miranda brings in from all over and especially from locals in the community! Best summer dresses, best fall socks- most stylish shoes EVER- adorable handbags- hats… Jewelry… Fun gag gifts!! I don’t know why you would shop anywhere else!!!
— Sami Rae